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    • China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Limited
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    CRRC      Ikeru Rail Transit      CSR      CSR      CRSC      CSR      CSR      CSR      SNTO      huawei      CRSC      CRSC     
    China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as CRSC) is the provider of railway signal and communication technology, products and services, the precursor and leader in the China rail transit control industry, one of the biggest rail transit system solution provider. We provide specialized one-stop solution of design and integration, equipment manufacturing and system implementation services for rail transportation control systems to our customers and are the only authorized reviewer of rail transportation control system equipment modes, technology standards and product standards in the PRC. CRSC has 19 first-level subsidiaries, with a total number of 15, 000 employees. As the main initiator of China railway and urban transit control system technology application and innovation, CRSC established a whole set of China train control technology system and standards. CRSC’s independently developed CTCS-3 (China Train Control System-3) high speed train control technology and CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) urban rail transit control technology have reached the international advanced level with top system technologies and products competitive both at home and abroad. With its systems and products widely applied to national railway and urban rail transit construction, CRSC has played a dominant leading role in the industry with huge influences. CRSC possesses many qualification certificates, which include: national A-class qualifications in survey, design, and consultation; first class qualifications of railway electricity, communication engineering, computer information system integration and general contraction of municipal, housing, mechanical and electrical installation construction. Besides the capabilities of one-stop integrated service, CRSC also has the qualification to manage import and export business and contract overseas projects. With its core competitiveness of “controlling technology and services based on rail transit safety” and “trinity” structural advantage of research and design, equipment manufacturing and system delivery, CRSC has captured its domestic and overseas markets of main lines, urban rail transit and city-informationization depending on its strong capabilities of system integration, general contracting and comprehensive matching. CRSC undertakes a number of key national scientific research projects, obtains many technological achievements leading over or at the international level in the field of the high speed railways, plateau railways, heavy loaded railways, speed increase of exiting railways and urban railway transit, and provides the strong support of technology for Chinese railways and urban transit. CRSC has been awarded the first class and second class of National Science and Technology Advancement Award, top-class of significantly technical equipment by China State-Council, the top-class and first class of technical prize by Ministry of Railways of China, and has been awarded the golden-class of National Excellent Engineering Design Award, China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou prize and etc. for many times. Standing at a new historical starting point, CRSC will always adhere to the philosophies of safe development, scientific development and “one major industry and diversified relative industries”. With the idea of innovation-driven development, CRSC will speed up the world-class enterprise of global competitiveness and try to make greater contributions to the development of rail industry both at home and abroad.
    Innotrans germany
    Ikeru Rail Transit
    Shanghai railway exhibition 2009
    Modern Railways 2010
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